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California Green Special Events & Meetings Resource Directory California Green Special Events & Meetings Resource Directory

Pricing Details

  Item   What's Included In Your Listing   Price  
  Levels of Participation  
  Basic Listing   Company name and web site address   $49.00  
  Advanced Listing   Company Name, Contact Info, Address, Website, Email   $69.00  
  Featured Listing   All of the Advanced Listing perks PLUS will list you first in your category, based on a first come first serve basis   $119.00  
  Strategic Partner   Available for a limited-time rate of $500 a year, this level of participation will provide all upgrades, plus 1) your logo placed on the home page 2) a banner ad to run on the home page 3) one sponsored email to our complete database annually and 4) acknowledgement with logo placement as Strategic Partner in our Printed Resource Directory. $500.00  
  Listing Upgrades  
      Company Name Bold $10.00  
      Company Web Site Linked $10.00  
      Company Logo Displayed $25.00  
      Company Description $10.00  
      Company Product/Service Description $10.00  
      Banner ad on home page $250.00  
  Printed Resource Directory Inside Front Cover (full color) $750.00
      Printed Resource Directory - Back Inside Cover (full color) $750.00  
      Printed Resource Directory - Half Page Ad (black and white) $350.00  
      Printed Resource Directory - Full Page Ad (black and white) $550.00  


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Strategic Partners

Good Gracious

Byway Entertainment

Rrivre Works
Simply Mumtaz Events

The Spiral Stem

100 Candles

J & M Entertainment

Roth Event-Full Design

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