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Showcase Vendor - March, 2009

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Good Gracious! Events

Good Gracious! Events is an award-winning event design, wedding consulting and catering firm. Founded by Pauline Parry in 1988, Good Gracious! has become the definitive industry leader and won numerous awards for its innovative planning, design and food presentations.

Good Gracious! has a strong philosophy to create fresh foods made from the finest ingredients in a creative fashion. Though we have always embraced local growers and seasonal foods, we strive even harder to design menus that have a low impact on the carbon footprint. Each season we create foods that feature the season’s colors and freshest offerings.

During the summer months, we puree our overstock fruits and freeze them to use in various food and beverage recipes during the winter. In the winter we embrace root vegetables to create delicious homemade chips, creative mashed potato combinations or grill them to bring out their full flavors.

Many of our clients look to us to educate them on their menus, décor ideas and ways to reduce waste at their events. The trick is to make the events fabulous while being conscious of areas we can improve on.

Last year we created a “caviar library” for one of our events using sustainable American caviars infused with flavors such as beer saffron, black truffle, ginger and vanilla. Set in a white bookshelf library with traditional accoutrements such as blinis, toasts, capers, chopped egg and more, these brightly colored caviars were a fun and moderately priced way to guests to indulge.

Good Gracious! also has an in-house recycling program that we instill at the office and bring to every event. All glass, plastic, cardboard, paper and aluminum is separated and taken to a local recycling center. We put signage on receptacles in the party area and encourage guests to participate.

Good Gracious! can be contacted at or 323.954.2277.





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