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Showcase Vendor - November, 2008

Welcome to November's Showcased Vendor Profile! To get your company listed as next month’s showcased vendor, please submit your “Green Release with Photos” to

Green Lab Design Studio

Green Lab Design Studio is a full service eco-friendly event agency with a reputation that prides itself on providing customized services to each individual client. Green Lab Design Studio offers creative development, design, promotional and marketing events and full production services.

Their concepts develop a visual identity for your product or environment that attract and engage your target audience. Whether you’re a new company introducing yourself to the world or a Fortune 500 establishment looking for a new identity, they will take your design fantasy and produce a reality that is not only visually enticing but leaves a lasting mark with your clients.

Green Lab Design Studio brings the aesthetic of interior design to the event and entertainment industry while incorporating eco-conscious choices throughout the fabrication and production process. Our knowledge of Industrial and Event Design along with an extensive library of sustainable, renewable and recycled materials gives us an edge to create the best, and most eco-friendly, event and design services around.

Our client’s come to us looking for a unique product or event that will get them the attention they deserve. We stand out from the crowd by offering highly aesthetic designs that breaks the mold of typical green design seen throughout the industry.

They also donate a percentage of their profits to numerous non-profit organizations for the betterment of the environment. In addition, they have donated extensive hours of office, design and production time to charity driven events to raise funds for environmental awareness.

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