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Showcase Vendor - June, 2009

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Hartnell Fine Gown Studio/Salon

Hartnell is a fine gown studio/salon in Santa Monica. Designer Hanna Hartnell launched her couture gown collection five years ago after years of experience designing for Oscar nominees and fashion connoisseurs.

This outstanding designer's uniquely beautiful Bridal creations: silk charmeuse confections that flatter the feminine form, fluttery chiffons perfect for daytime weddings, and luxuriously crafted evening gowns that add grace and originality to formal events are produced in her Santa Monica Certified Green studio. Hartnell creates for Mothers with fresh styling and contemporary elegance, with endless color options and Hartnell’s trademark made to measure fit. Each gown from the collection is cut and sewn to order in the warm, professional environment of Hanna's studio/salon.

Hartnell, known for designing the most daring and glamorous bridal gowns, had a design epiphany as she focused on her 2009 collection and the challenge of the three R's - Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. The Double Dare Gown allows brides to wear their wedding gown many times beyond their wedding day. An avowed "greenie," this collection was not only recyclable, but cost effective as well. Here’s how it works:

By simplifying the sensuous elegance of her gowns, she found that by lining the gowns in the same silk as the gown itself, but with a different divine color the dress becomes areversible wedding gown!

Available in four designs, a well placed side slit gives a peek at the gown’s secret life to be lived at some future date…the honeymoon night, a slow dance on their anniversary or to another’s wedding.

Eco-minded brides can sleep well knowing their silk charmeuse and chiffon gowns are made of sustainable materials. The cocoons of sustainable silk worms are processed and dyed in a complex of dye houses that control and recycle the run-off of dye water. It is then treated and reused, thus protecting local waters.

Hartnell was awarded the 2008 Sustainable Quality Award from the City of Santa Monica and received Green Certification after implementing several goals for the studio’s lighting, paper and cleaning supplies, and donating fabrics to local schools and art centers. Hanna also included the other building tenants in her 1927 Spanish Revival building to go green...a total of twenty-one businesses!

Hartnell gives back to the youth with her Prom Partners Program. Finding creative means to drastically cut gown costs and donating the studio’s cutting and sewing costs, local graduating seniors can have their custom gowns made significantly below cost. And for young people dreaming of becoming fashion designers, Hanna has developed a one day studio seminar for students from 11-14 introducing them to the many skills needed to be a successful designer, opening their eyes to the reality of a fashion career.

Hartnell can be contacted at or 310 393-6587.





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