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Showcase Vendor - June, 2008

Welcome to June's Showcased Vendor Profile! To get your company listed as next month’s showcased vendor, please submit your “Green Release with Photos” to

The Living Garden

The Living Garden® is an award winning Live Performance Company regarded by many as one of the only entertainment experiences that functions as the human bridge between mankind and nature. The performances of The Living Garden® have high visual impact resonating in the realm of beauty and mystery.

The reverential way in which The Living Garden® deals with the theme of Nature as ‘art coming to life’ intrinsically relates to The Green movement. Through its astonishing beauty and unique characterizations, audiences cannot help but be reminded of mans abandonment of the environment. The Living Garden® then functions as a kind of ‘Nurse of the Earth’, helping its audiences to reconnect with a world fast disappearing.

All the different elements come to life in a manner that is highly intriguing, surreal and incredibly moving. So much so, that many audiences find it hard to tell how the particular element is being animated. “Is it really a live performer?” they often ask. The performances are movement based, but character driven and this, along with its fidelity to realism as seen in nature itself, has created a unique niche in the entertainment world where fantasy based themes, treatments and performances predominate.

The performances of The Living Garden® are enjoyed in a broad spectrum of areas within the entertainment world including private parties, corporate events, trade shows, botanical gardens, zoos, theme parks and resorts. The Living Garden has been seen at many high-profile events even The Grammy’s.

Interactive Atmospheric Elements such as DiVine, The Rock, The Orchid and Bamboo touch their audiences in an intimate way making for a more personal experience. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about our June's showcase vendor. For more information on The Living Garden, please contact Lee McDonald at or visit their website at



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